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Dosbarth Castell Caerdydd

This half term, Key Stage Two have been exploring different periods in time for our topic: Time Travellers. In Year 6, we have been concentrating on World War II; we have explored Britain and Wales’ role in the war, The Blitz and parts of The Holocaust.

On our school trip to Cardiff Castle, we went inside a public air raid shelter that was used during the war and learned lots about how the war affected Cardiff.

Language, Literacy and Communication

We have been exploring themes, characters and events of our class novel: Once by Morris Gleitzman. This novel, from a young boy’s perspective, provided us with an insight into 1940s Poland, and the ways that Jews were persecuted at the time. We used the key characters from our novel, and enjoyed writing narratives to tell the next part of the story.

We took on the role of evacuees which were sent back to our families. These were then put on display in our corridor.

We have also researched lots of information about dangers of the war, and we have written reports on how people kept safe in Britain, where we explained evacuation, different types of shelters, the blackout and gas masks.

Mathematics and Numeracy

In maths lessons this half term, we have consolidated our knowledge of the four operations and have been applying these to worded problems. We’ve also been challenging ourselves to represent problems in bar models so that we can visualise them.