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Council Meetings - The Minutes

May 19th 2017

April 28th 2017

February 1st 2017

November 2nd 2016

October 12th 2016

September 29th 2016

May 4th 2016

April 13th 2016

March 16th 2016

February 10th 2016

January 26th 2016

September 29th 2015

29th September 2015 - Minutes.pdf

At Maendy, we are very proud of our school council, which is a group of pupils from years 1 – 6, who are elected each year to represent their classes and making decisions that affect the whole school.

The school council have regular meeting to discuss various issues, such as how areas of school can be improved, school event and charity days.

The school council gives pupils a collective ‘voice’ in which all views are taken on board.

Please download the attendance questionnaire created by the school council  to be used to improve individual attendance. Improving your Attendance.pdf 04.05.16.pdf 13.4.16.pdf 16.3.16.pdf 10.2.16.pdf 26.1.16.pdf Minutes School Council Meeting 1 29.9.pdf Minutes School Council Meeting 2 12.10.pdf Minutes School Council Meeting 2-11-16.pdf Minutes School Council Meeting 4- 1.2.17.pdf Minutes School Council Meeting 28-04-17.pdf School Council minutes  19.5.17.pdf